Umapio - Find friends all over the world!

The geolocation service Umapio allows you to find interesting people around the world and communicate with them. You can tell something about the place you are in to everyone who views that territory on the map. Also, you can ask questions to the person who is in the place of your interest, arrange an excursion, accommodation, find out the news from the locals.

Send your friend a cool sound!

You can send a cool sound to a friend or stranger to remind of yourself. You don't need to create and write a greeting!

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Where is my friend?

With Umapio you can always find out where your friend is and what he is doing. Do not need anymore to call or ask if he is arriving soon for the meeting.

Send a Ping

No need to write a message to a friend to remind about yourself. Send a short Ping with a cool sounds!

Friends are nearby

If your friend is nearby, you will immediately know about it!

Meet interesting people

Meet interesting people from all over the world and add them as friends. Share news, make appointments, stay informed about activities.

What's happening?

To draw attention to yourself on the map, set a status that will be visible above your avatar. Tell us what's happening around you.

Chat with foreigners

Meet foreigners and practice your language skills.

Ask the locals

If you are travelling, you can find interesting details about your destination from local residents. Just find them on the map and ask questions. Arrange excursions and accommodation, find out what's new!

Tell about your hometown

You can also become a local guide and tell travellers about your hometown.


You can place an ad in the status if you want to find, buy, sell or donate something. It will be convenient for users to know where you are.

Register a cool nickname before someone else does it!

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