Geolocation service Umapio allows you to find interesting people around the world and communicate with them. You can tell something about the place in which you are to everyone who views this territory on the map. Also, you can ask questions to the person who is in the place of your interest: arrange an excursion, accommodation, find out the news from the locals.

Add a person as a friend and be aware of where he is and what he is doing.

You can place an ad in the status if you want to find, buy, sell or donate something. It will be convenient for the user to know where you are.

If you want to completely delete your account from the Umapio service, you must open application, in Menu -> Settings -> Delete account. Click the Delete account button and confirm the deletion. We will delete all your data immediately.

You can create and set the status by yourself. It will be displayed on the map above your marker and visible to everyone.

Please be polite, do not insult other members of the service. Do not set statuses that incite religious and interethnic strife, call for offenses and riots. Moderators reserve the right to ban users for violation these rules.

Long time in one place
Stands in one place

Add interesting people as friends. The entire list of people you have added can be seen by clicking the button

At any time, you can find a friend in the list and see his current location: on the Umapio map, or on a third-party maps on your smartphone.

In Menu -> Visibility you can choose who will see you on the map:

  • Visible to everyone - any Umapio user sees you and can send you a message.
  • Visible only to friends - only friends can see you and can send you messages. Also you can see only your friends.
  • Visible to everyone except friends - everyone except friends can find you on the map and send a message. In this mode, you also do not see your friends and cannot write messages to them.

If for any reason you do not like the attention of the user, you can block him in his profile by clicking -> Block. The user will not be able to find you on the map and send a message to you.

You can find the blocked person in the list in the application menu and unblock.

The application receives your location data for its work. Without this, its functionality loses all meaning. When the app is on-screen and active, we receive the current changes of your location online. Also, the application receives geodata in the background when it closed. The background run interval is adjusted to minimize battery drain. But you can customize this in Menu -> Settings -> GPS update rate.

If for some reason you do not want to share your location, at any time you can stop the application by pressing the button

Is your geodata not updating in the background?

1. Allow autoloading and disable power saving for the app:

Go to Phone settings -> Applications -> Find the app Umapio (or hold your finger on the application icon on the screen and select “About App ”)

Autostart - On
Activity control - Unlimited

Settings -> Battery -> Applications -> Umapio

Autostart - On
Working in the background - On

Instructions for setting up power saving mode for different phone models: dontkillmyapp.com

2. Allow the application to receive coordinates in the background:

Go to Phone settings -> Applications -> Find the app Umapio (or hold your finger on the application icon on the screen and select “About App ”)

From the menu, select “Permissions” -> “Location”

Set “Allow all the time”

3. Turn off app battery optimization:

Settings -> Applications -> Umapio -> Battery -> Battery: Unlimited.

4. Allow the alarm to be set:

This affects the accuracy of background update periods.

Application Properties -> Alarms & Reminders: Allowed.

5. Allow to send notifications:

Application Properties -> Notifications: Allowed.

Important for Huawei and Honor:

Disable battery optimization for the app:
Phone settings > Battery > Apps > Umapio > Manual control

Turn off auto management
Power usage details >
Launch settings >
Set Manage automatically to OFF.

Also read this article https://dontkillmyapp.com/huawei

Leaflet — an open source JavaScript library for mobile interactive maps.

OpenStreetMap — the project that creates and distributes free geographic data for the world.

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